Feminine Sovereignty

SheDivine advocates an empowered, fully expressed femininity for a personal and authentic sense of beauty. Our crowns and jewelry pieces serve as totems, reminders of a womanโ€™s inherent qualities that can better the world we live in.

Above all else, SheDivine embodies a concept that all women can embrace, evolve and share, a mind set. Through the celebration of female energy and the space for feminine qualities of creativity, nurturing and beauty, female expression can create realities that serve us all.

Seila Rodriguez

Following The Call of the Wild Woman

I have made it my mission to share with other women what I have learnt on my journey of healing my femininity. Most importantly I want to share my lessons so that women never suffer unnecessarily from repressing their voices and their unique nature. Also, so that they may never hurt others as a result of their unbalanced and constricted feminine experience.

I chose to see the beautiful things in life and to treasure them. I love being in nature, I love dancing, I love celebrations. It excites me to use my knowledge and experience to help people to reconnect with themselves, and for me to use my academic knowledge to impact the environment in a positive way.

Empowerment Project

A healthy and confident woman is an empowered woman

By providing menstruation cups to women in Venezuela, SheDivine aims to help teenagers develop a healthy and natural relationship with their bodies and menstrual cycles. SheDivine also hopes to create awareness around teenage pregnancy, and around the use of plastic and chemically treated pads and tampons that end up in landfills and our oceans.

We want to bring our Empowerment Project to the most vulnerable areas in Venezuela and minimize the impact of the humanitarian crisis the country is experiencing, by providing access to female hygienic products. We also hope to connect with women in other vulnerable regions and extend the project to those places where it is most needed.

Empowerment is a new project and we are seeking people with a drive for positive change and experience in social projects. We are taking 10% of all our profits to develop our Empowerment Project. Please contact us at info@shedivine.org with any questions and ideas, or if you want to become part of our team.

A healthy and confident woman is an empowered woman. An empowered woman is an agent of change and creates a positive reality.

Divine Women Circles

A more relaxed part of our Empowerment Project is the facilitation of Divine Women Circles: a space for women of all ages to connect, laugh, and share experiences and feelings. Again, you can contact us at seila@shedivine.org if youโ€™d like to be a part of this.