Inner Freedom

Inner Freedom

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Lapis Lazuli One of a Kind Jewelry Set: Faceted and geometrically cut lapis lazuli, silver rings, silver plated brass.

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Freedom of the spirit is finally reached when we connect with our divine purpose.

lapis lazuli assists you in connecting your physical reality with your spiritual truth, opening the doors of inner wisdom and creation possibilities so that your goals become clear and aligned with your highest self.

lapis lazuli stimulates good judgment in daily life and facilitates deep communication.

Spiritual renewal and transformation.

Grounds the mind.

A perfect gemstone jewelry set for executives, journalists, psychologists, writers, and lawyers.

The elegant and classic design of this necklace and bracelet set makes appropriate for every occasion highlighting all kind of outfits.

Lapis Lazuli Healing properties: Communication | Creativity |  Fidelity | Harmony | Honor | Inner Power | Intuition |  Love | Wisdom

Primary Chakras: Throat | Third Eye | Crown
Astrological signs: Sagittarius | Libra