Moon Flower

Moon Flower

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Moonstone crystal diamond quartz crystal handmade necklace bracelet set.

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A beautiful and delicate crystal necklace and bracelet finished with a moonstone drop dancing on a silver flower.

This is a piece made of diamond quartz that protects you and allows you to adapt to new environments while attracting life force to your aura to help you heal and thrive.

Moonstone is a stone of calm and relief from emotional stress, Moonstone is a love stone, and is said to draw love to its wearer.

Moonstone helps you to embrace the Goddess within.

Perfect for a corporate environment because it will allow you to adapt and remain connected to your feminine qualities.

Moonstone Healing properties: Intuition | Inspiration | Goddess Energy | Calming | Fertility | Happiness | Good Fortune | Love

Primary Chakras: Sacral | Third Eye | Crown
Astrological signs: Cancer | Libra | Scorpio