Infinite Love Rose Quartz Bracelet

Infinite Love Rose Quartz Bracelet

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Madagascar Rose Quartz, Finland Labradorite, silver accents.

Rose Quartz has been used by many civilizations to symbolize love, not in the romantic sense of the word but rather an unconditional, timeless love. Wear to attract love in all aspects of your life.

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One of the most beautiful myths about Rosa Quartz tells that the pink shade of the stone come from Goddess Aphrodite blood.

Rose Quartz Healing Powers:

Brings consciousness to a higher level.

Balances the hearth chakra.

Restores trust.

Heals femininity

Infuses your days with eternal love.

Rose Quartz Meditation:

To bring compassion and love to your life place Rose Quartz over your heart and allow all emotions you may feel to flow while holding a loving and accepting space.

Visualize warm pink energy emanating from the crystal to your heart and flooding your entire being from your heart center, Imagine that your blood is filled with Rose Quartz healing energy and visualize it filling all your cells, emotions and memories, hold an space pf love regardless of the thoughts or emotions that may arise.

Keep this vision of flowing healing energy as long as it is necessary for you to reach inner peace and thank the divine feminine energy for delivering you love.