Fierce Love Tiger Eye Bracelet

Fierce Love Tiger Eye Bracelet

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Tiger eye, Pyrite.

Tiger eye stone helps you to embody all qualities you need to love fiercely and free of fear and second agendas. Earth and suns energies are combined in Tiger eye stone creating a high vibrational frequency that is grounding at the same time.

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Tiger eye has been used since ancient times to repel ill wishing and curses, it brings integrity allowing the owner to correctly use power.

Clarity of intention and the acknowledgement of inner resources is enhanced by tiger eye

Tiger eye Healing Properties:

Placed at the navel chakra: grounds and helps to manifest will

Placed at the third eye: awaken psychic abilities and balances lower chakras stimulating the kundalini energy to flow and rise.

If you need help recognizing your needs and those of other people tiger eye is indicated stone for you.

It heals problems related to self worth by allowing you to recognize and connect with your talents. Heals the throat and reproductive organs.

Wear on the right arm or as a pendant for short periods of time and place in the intended area for healing and grounding.