Divine Messenger Blue Sapphire Hair Chain

Divine Messenger Blue Sapphire Hair Chain


Blue Sapphire & pyrite micro crystals are hand wired in beautiful & delicate butterfly filigrees to create a hair chain that can be use in different ways.

Divine Messenger speaks of the transformative power of beauty.

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Made of sapphire crystal that softens the mind & allows you to surrender to deeper levels of consciousness & experience.

Blue sapphire stone helps to align the throat & third eye chakras magnifying psychic communication and expression.

Blue Sapphire calms the mind & releases tension channeling at the same time angelic energies.

this crystal set enhances intuition & helps to the positive resolution of legal matters.

Blue Sapphire crystal Meditation:

To access your inner world & psychic powers visualize the deep colors of the ocean.

Focus on the vast immensity of its waters while breathing naturally & allowing any thought to arise as waves in your consciousness.

To unveil the true nature of your thoughts, ask for angelic guidance to express your true self and purpose.

While doing this meditation, keep a journal and practice before sleep to enhance lucid dreams.

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Photos: Pariyawat Warakul

Model: Marina Kitson

Light Setting & Assistant: Trinai Pichaiprom