Wild flower Moonstone Head Band

Wild flower Moonstone Head Band


Three big flowers in rose gold are brought to life with hand wired rainbow moonstone beads & golden czech glass crystal beads.

The flowers rest delicately on the side of thin head band, this piece is both, subtle and impressive for a romantic & dramatic effect.

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Moonstone is a stone of calm & relief from emotional stress, Moonstone is a love stone, & is said to draw love to its wearer.

Moonstone helps you to embrace the Goddess within.

Perfect for a corporate environment because it will allow you to adapt & remain connected to your feminine qualities.

Moonstone Healing properties: Intuition | Inspiration | Goddess Energy | Calming | Fertility | Happiness | Good Fortune | Love

Primary Chakras: Sacral | Third Eye | Crown
Astrological signs: Cancer | Libra | Scorpio

Reference: โ€œThe Crystal Bible Volume 1: Godsfield Bibles: A Definitive Guide to Crystals" Judy Hall

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Photos: Pariyawat Warakul

Model: Marina Kitson

Light Setting & Assistant: Trinai Pichaiprom