SheDance & Divine Women Circle with Seila Rodriguez

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SheDance is a sacred practice for women of all ages that allows us to reconnect with our feminine wisdom, bringing awareness to the gratefulness and power of our own existence, the magic of nature, and the divine energy in all beings.

By gathering in circles, us women, create a safe space to explore our feelings and emotions, share stories, exchange knowledge and wisdom, ask questions, empower and inspire, and help each to other find our voice and purpose.

SheDance is a meditative practice developed by Areeradh K tri-Siddha at the Yoga Tree in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

A unique circle for women to explore their sacred femininity that includes meditation, fullness of heart and a four stages sacred dance.

Navigating gratitude, our connection with mother earth, our relationship with the heaven spirit and the Shedance Sacred Dance, women enter deep meditative states that allow the divine energy to flow free through their bodies.

To find out more about upcoming facilitatorโ€™s trainings, please visit SheDance-Shakti.



After attending my first SheDance circle in October 2017 and having a Kundalini awakening, I took the facilitator training with Areeradh K Tri-Siddha, exploring in depth the SheDance philosophy, teachings ans rituals.

Together with a group of six wonderful women, I explored the nature of my feminine energy, found explanation for spiritual experiences i encountered throughout my life and came home to my sacred body.

I combine the fundamentals of SheDance with my vision of Authentic Beauty, Empowerment and Well being to create unique, safe spaces to help women to reclaim their feminine sovereignty.

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