Learn Vegan Soap Making in Chiang Mai

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Learn the process of Soap making, properties of carrier and essential oils and different medicinal Thai herbs and natural ingredients,  as well as, the importance of using natural products on our skin and how commercial recipes can be detrimental to your health, how you can adapt a more natural life style and where you can get supplies for your future all natural skin care routine.


Your Instructor

Hi I am Seila, a Chemist and Environmental scientist from Venezuela, I love creating natural skincare products that are both nurturing for the skin and friendly to the environment. Since I came to Chiang Mai two years ago I have been learning about the properties and benefits of Thai herbs, plant extracts and oils.
After working for 10 years in the modeling industry I enjoy sharing my knowledge and passion both for beauty products and natural medicine with like minded people while creating unique moments and experiences.

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The Experience

After an introduction on the chemistry of soap making, we will discuss your skin needs and you will select the oils for your personalized soap recipe and blend essential oils of Frangipani, Ylang Ylang flowers, lemon grass and ginger to infuse the recipe with.
Next, you will get your hands on to create 200 grams of Vegan natural soap with nurturing, regenerative and insect repellent properties and scented with the signature fragrances of the Land of Smiles while I guide you step by step answering any question you may have and sharing useful tips on mixing, pouring, molding, cooking, preserving and presenting your soaps.
You get to take with you 200 grams of Vegan soap made with local Thai ingredients, one soap bar from my personal batch and a e-book with description of methods of soap making, resources and recipes.


The Location

Located at the central Santitham neighborhood, The Passion Project Cafe & Co-working Space is a mixture of modern architecture and Nature, hidden in a quite street.

Divinely decorated with vintage items and a unique selection of flowers by my personal friend Saya, this Cafe and Co-working offers the perfect atmosphere to learn the craft of soap making while making new friends and enjoying tasty & healthy treats.

We will work at the private inner garden, having the luxury of working outdoors but safe from the sun.

You can enjoy the two floors space before and after our meeting, to get some work done, plan your next adventure in Chiang Mai or simply relax with friends & family

Learn Organic Vegan Soap Making at Chiang Mai Lake Land

Duration: 3 to 3.5 hours

Included: Vegan smoothie, Thai tea, soap making equipment, fresh fruit salad.

Please select date according to calendar availability! Notes: Children friendly experience, groups of max 4 people, bring close shoes, activity takes place outdoors in shaded terrace.

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